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June 16 2012 Young Eagles Sign In or Register to add photos

We had approximately 20 Young Eagles signed up for the event, of which 14 were scouts. Despite having a few planes unavailable that day, we had several airplanes and volunteer pilots on hand, and were able to take every Young Eagle up and provide that aviation grin! It was a perfect day. While not flying, the young eagles were kept busy with activities such as wooden wing rib building, an introduction to metal working including riveting with an air hammer and model aircraft display/operation. Our lounge area was a popular spot to relax - with a great view of the action and a fooseball table too!
Yvon giving a breifing
Learning to build with aluminum
YE pick up and drop off in warm up area
Sea Vee departing, Davis ready to go, Cardinal returning
You cannot get a ride in a plane much cooler than this!
Ready to go!
That musical sound of drilling and air rivet guns
Young Eagles busy with wood and metal building activities
Cutting a piece for a wooden wing rib.
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