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Introductory Flights

Are you interested in discovering flight? Always wanted to fly? We provide free flying opportunities for youth through the Young Eagles Program and adults through our Adult Eagles Program.

Young Eagles - Introductory Flights for youth ages 7 to 17

Click here to read about our Young Eagles Fly Day 2014 scheduled for Saturday June 14, 2014

What is the Young Eagles Program?

Adult Eagles - Introductory Flights for adults

EAA’s Eagle Flights is a way to help prospective pilots get their first taste of personal aviation, free of charge. An Eagle Flight is a hands-on introduction, where you’ll fly with a local EAA member pilot who will give you a thorough introduction to what it’s like to fly your own airplane.

Before your flight, your pilot will walk you through a preflight inspection of the airplane, where you’ll learn the names of the basic parts of the airplane, how the control surfaces work, etc. Then you’ll climb aboard, takeoff, and fly!

Once airborne, you’ll be able to follow along at the controls to get a sense for basic maneuvers like gentle climbs and descents and turns, after which it’s back to the airport for a safe, smooth landing. 

Once you’ve landed, your pilot will spend time with you to answer questions and offer advice about your future as a pilot. 

What is the Adult Eagles program?

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